RULE Programs to create and modify courses to integrate sustainable development priorities

After 4 years (2020-2024), GREENCAP Project (Erasmus+ co-funded programme) enabled RULE to propose 3 modified courses and 2 new courses tackling contemporary development on sustainable development and environment, benefitting to students at Bachelor and Master’s Degree level.

GREENCAP is a project enhancing Green Capacity in higher education institutions (HEI) to foster sustainable development in Cambodia, co-funded by the Erasmus + CBHE (Capacity-Building projects in the field of Higher Education) program of the European Union. This project started in January 2020 and ended in January 2024.
It gathered three European partners, respectively the University of Nantes (France) – international coordinator of the project, the University of Southern Denmark (Denmark) and the University of Vigo (Spain), and four Cambodian partners, namely the Royal University of Law and Economics – local coordinator of the project, the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, the National University of Management and the University of Battambang.

During the peak of the pandemic, face-to-face training sessions became impossible. In response, the GREENCAP consortium decided to incorporate new chapters and content dedicated to sustainable development in existing courses.

Each course modification was overseen by an academic staff member from a partnering European university, leveraging their research expertise. These EU faculty members collaborated with Cambodian teachers through online meetings, facilitating the process of selecting appropriate topics, defining chapter syllabi, and providing relevant bibliographic resources.

Existing courses were updated by integrating designated green content into the syllabus, maintaining equivalent ECTS credit allocation.

RULE – Green Project Management, Khmer Bachelor Degree Year 4 (48 hours ~ 6 ECTS).

RULE – Green Business Management Dual Bachelor Degree (France and Cambodia) – Year 2 (50 hours ~ 6 ECTS).

RULE – Legal Aspect of Doing Business in Cambodia Dual Master’s Degree (Year 2) in Entrepreneurship and Project Management (18 hours ~ 3 ECTS).

With the gradual improvement of the COVID-19 situation in 2022 and the resumption of international and national travel, the consortium was able to conduct more intensive training sessions, facilitating the development of entirely new courses. Between mid-2022 and the end of 2023, two new courses were launched at the bachelor and master levels at NUBB and RULE.

Each new course development was supervised by a faculty member from an EU partner university, leveraging their expertise. They guided Cambodian teachers through a series of in-presence meeting.

The following new courses were created during this phase:

RULE – Green Business Game in Dual Master in entrepreneurship and Project Management, Year 2 (18 hours, 3 ECTS)

RULE – Sustainable Development Economics in Dual Bachelor, Year 2 (22 hours, 2,5 ECTS)

The project successfully achieved its goals by integrating sustainability concepts into existing courses and developing entirely new courses focused on this critical area.