Modalities and Guidelines for Exchange Programs

1.       Student Eligibility and Registration Process


  1. To be eligible for an incoming student exchange program at RULE, beneficiaries must be nominated by their home university based on criteria at the discretion of the partner institution. A nomination letter must be issued by the home institution and includes a written agreement enabling the beneficiary to transfer the credits validated at RULE to the home institution upon completion of the exchange program.
    1. The applicant must be enrolled at the home institution for the ongoing academic year.
    1. The applicant must have earned a GPA 3.00 or above in the latest available transcript.
    1. A TOEFL score 70 (iBT) or IELTS score 6 for the English-based programs is required. For the French-based programs, a ‘’niveau B2’’ is required. The language requirement can be waived if the students are studying at the home university with English as the primary language of instruction.


  • In the application, the student must include the following documents: (1) Nomination Letter from their Home University, (2) Academic Transcript, (3) RULE Application Form and (4) Letter of Motivation of 300 words maximum. These four documents are then combined into one PDF and sent to Pr. Laurent Mesmann, Director of Dual Degree’s departments as well as to Pr. Lay Kong, Head of RULE’s International Relations Office via [email protected] and [email protected].
    • The student will be informed about the decision pertaining to the exchange program at RULE within six (6) weeks after submitting all the required documents. The selection committee consists of the International Relation Office and relevant academic faculty(s)/program(s) in which the students applied to study.
    • Upon being selected, the exchange student is registered at RULE. The student is encouraged to work on its Visa application and logistical aspect such as housing with the support of RULE International Relations Office.

2.       Academic Considerations

Exchange students are provided with a wide range of options in terms of faculty(s)/program(s) they wish to integrate during the exchange at RULE. The students might choose to enroll into only one faculty/program or to enroll into multiple faculty(s)/program (s) during the mobility at RULE (see Annex 2).

a.       Academic Calendar and Course load

The academic calendar at RULE is divided into two semesters The first semester starts in October and end in late February. The second semester starts in mid-April and end in September.

There are limits to the number of courses exchange students can take during exchange program’s duration:

  • No less than 6 courses and no more than 12 courses per academic year;
    • No less than 3 courses and no more than 6 courses for a semester;

Exchange students must specify the courses they intend to take in their application to the exchange program.

It shall be noted that there is possibility of conflicting schedule in case student chose courses from more than one faculty(s)/program(s). In such a case, a reasonable replacement is identified and proposed to the exchange student. The list of courses and programs exchange students can choose from is available in Annex 2.

b.       Assessment and Grading

Exchange students have the obligation to undertake all evaluations, like any other students, during the course of their studies. Different program(s)/faculty(s) have different grading criteria and evaluation modalities and schedule. Specific emphasis will be placed to ensure the consistency of grading standard among different program(s)/faculty(s) for exchange students, including by embracing the modalities and rules of the exchange student’s home institution in the final exchange transcript.

3.       Visa and Immigration Regulations

RULE will provide supporting documents for the Visa application and facilitate the visa application process. Students selected for an exchange must however apply for visa on their own. Information about visa application is available on

Any foreign national intending to enter Cambodia for the purpose of study must:

  • Obtain a Cambodian visa to facilitate his /her entry into the country. 
  • Enter into Cambodia from and through only authorized ports of entry.
  • Present a valid passport to the Immigration officer at the port of entry.
  • Declare the purpose of entry into Cambodia and intended the institution of training.
  • Proceed to the designated immigration office after entry and obtain a student pass for study in Cambodia.

The criteria for obtaining a Student Visa (=Business Visa) in Cambodia are:

  • A letter of acceptance must be provided demonstrating that an applicant has been offered a place on a full-time course of study at a recognized educational institution. 
  • Candidates may be asked to demonstrate evidence of enough funds to support themselves in the country. 
  • Private medical insurance must be arranged.
  • It must be the candidate’s demonstrable intention to return to their own country at the end of their period of study.
  • All immigrants in Cambodia should respect and oblige with national immigration laws, guidelines, and formalities.

4.       Health Insurance

Student must purchase health insurance during the period they study in Cambodia.

5.       Accommodation

RULE does not provide accommodation for students on mobility. Student shall find their own housing before coming to Cambodia. RULE and its relevant office will assist in suggesting certain housing opportunities if requested, including through its vast foreign students and interns’ population.

It is to be noted that private housing (shared housing or private single accommodation) is considered not to be difficult in Phnom Penh and considered much cheaper than in France.

6.       Welcome International Students Orientation

Upon arriving in Cambodia and before the beginning of the course, exchange students are obliged to attend orientation session organized by the faculty(s)/program(s) and the International Relations Office. The orientation will comprise of academic policies at RULE and essential information to ensure their stay in Cambodia is memorable. 

7.       Access to RULE facilities and Support

Foreign exchange students will have access to Rule facilities such as libraries, research centers and study spaces during their time at RULE. Exchange students can always request for support and assistance for their study and living in Cambodia from academic staff and fellow student. Great emphasis is placed on the exchange students’ well-being and intellectual development.