Master in Public and International Law (from Cambodia and France)

About the training

The curriculum has been carefully designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to grow in the global market and to be able to work with international institutions. The training is primarily intended for law graduates, but may also interest those from other disciplines in the humanities or economics who wish to practice or who already practice in the field of public law and who are willing to acquire a technical basis or additional knowledge in this area concerning the various disciplines of international law.

About the French university

Since its creation as an experimental center in Paris in 1969, then its establishment in Saint-Denis in 1980, the Paris 8 university is today a center of teaching and research central in France in the field of humanities . Mainly focused on Human and Social Sciences, Letters and Art, the main aim of Paris 8 University has always been to bring students to a better understanding of the contemporary world while providing them with the tools to integrate themselves sustainably into society. Paris University has 23,935 students: 15,507 registered in bachelor’s, 6,166 registered in master’s, 1,177 registered in doctorate, 772 registered in diplomas outside LMD. With around 30% international students, the University of Paris 8 is the most international of French universities, which has given birth to the concept of “world university” which defines it today. The University of Paris is actively promoting international cooperation actions in favor of continued demand in the fields of education and research. Paris 8 has developed expertise in cooperation and international relations, for training and research, and it supports students, teachers and staff in all their international projects. Paris 8 is a winner of the French Government’s Investment Programs for the Future with funding from the University School of Research (EUR).

Courses Master 1

In order to assure students attain a well-rounded knowledge of business law, they are required to complete core and generalist modules (Year 1 program) designed by five universities in partnership: RULE, University of Brussels, Paris 8, Fribourg and Montreal.

Courses: Public International Law, Introduction to International Business Law, Communications for Legal Professionals, Business and Human Rights Law, Legal Concepts for Non-Lawyers, Legal Methodology, Legal Research and Writing, and Academic English.

Courses Master 2

  • Competition Law and Regulation (15h)
  • Tax Law (15h)
  • WTO Law (15h)
  • International Investment Law (15h)
  • International Environmental Law (15h)
  • Law of International Peace and Security (15h)
  • International Economic Disputes (15h)
  • Administrative Legal Disputes (15h)
  • Construction Law (15h)
  • Cyber security and Risk Management (15h)
  • Political Economy of Development (15h)

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree completed
  • Passing an oral interview with the Head of Project.

Language(s) and requirements

  • Excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. No language certificate required. The level of language (English) is assessed during the entrance exam.

Competencies acquired

  • Keen interest in public and international law
  • Advanced research, analysis and writing skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Motivation from within oneself to stay focused and committed to the studies

Registration Fees

  • Year 1: 1500 USD/Year
  • Year 2: 1500 USD/Year


Scholarship funds are very limited and only available to students who have outstanding academic backgrounds or who can demonstrate significant financial need.


  • Deadline for Application: 1st September 2021
  • Scholarship Request Due: 1st September 2021
  • Admission Interview: October 2021
  • Student Orientation: October 2021
  • Tuition Payments Due: 1st November 2021
  • Start of Classes: 1st November 2021

The calendar might be changed to adjust for the Covid-related restrictions.

Admission results

Contact Mr Paul Mornet : [email protected]

The Master Program in Public Law provides students with the highest level of university education available in Cambodia. With an international orientation and access to quality speakers from around the world, the program aims to prepare students for leadership roles, both in Cambodia and abroad, in academic careers, in the judiciary, the public service, international organizations and businesses, both in the legal and other non-legal fields. In particular, the will of the program to meet the needs of professional students aims to provide these workers with financially accessible higher education opportunities so that they can progress in their disciplinary field and enhance their training within their professional structure.

Mrs OEURN Sambo (KH/FR/EN)

  • Title: Administrative Coordinator
  • Email Address:[email protected]
  • Telephone: +855 69 990 197 (smart) / +855 99 35 38 99 (cellcard)

Mr Paul Mornet (EN/FR)

  • Title: Program Director
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Telephone: +855 69 654 615 (smart)

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