Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Project Management

The master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Project Management is a double degree program with Lumière Lyon 2 University (France). The main objective of the program is to give students the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully carry out an entrepreneurial project. It relies mainly on lecturers with a great entrepreneurial experience in order to transmit to students the methodological and conceptual tools as well as the good practices and relevant feedback to support them in all stages, from the formulation of an idea / concept to writing a business plan and developing their professional project. 

The program also places particular emphasis on the social and solidarity economy, the major of the master’s degree diploma granted by Lumière Lyon 2 University.

Graduates from the Master 2 EPM are awarded two official Master’s diplomas, respectively one from the University Lumiere Lyon 2 and one from RULE. This university is among the most prestigious institutions not only in France and Europe, but also in the world.


RULE is one of the two Cambodian higher education institution members of the ASEAN Universities Network. Aiming to achieve a high quality of international standards, RULE has broadly expanded its international collaboration with some of the most prestigious institutions in management and business in Europe.

The vision of this program is to aim at strengthening capacities of student to launch a business or to lead a project within an organization and to advance to the top management positions. This degree provides a regional and international career path for our graduates.

The program has been designed to develop the fundamental professional skills, mindset and behavior of the students. All courses take place in the evening during week days; hence this allows the students to pursue their career in parallel.


Lumière Lyon 2 University, a university of social sciences and humanities, has been strongly involved in academic cooperation with RULE since 1994, for training in law and economics. This cooperation primarily consists in carrying out teaching missions at RULE by academics from Lumière Lyon 2 University and secondly in hosting, in Lyon, Cambodian students, awardees or not, of Eiffel scholarships or scholarships from the French government.

RULE in association with French Universities and Business Schools offer a common year 1 master’s degree in Economics and Management. Most of the courses are given by reputed foreign professors. Many professionals also participate in the program through conferences and workshops as well as for specific courses (Marketing, Business Law, Insurance, etc.).

In 2022-2023, students will be able to choose between Option 1: “Entrepreneurship and Project Management” and Option 2: “Food Industry Entrepreneurship”.

Common core – Semester 1

  • Business ethics (20h)
  • Financial Accounting (40h)
  • Marketing Management (24h)
  • Operations Management (24h)
  • Management Control (24h)
  • Financial Management (24h)
  • Business Statistics (24h)
  • Introduction to Quantitative Methods (24h)
  • Research Methodology (12h) 
  • Professional Report

Entrepreneurship and Project Management – Semester 2 

  • Introduction to social and solidarity economy (12h)
  • Entrepreneurship (24h)
  • Supply chain management and e-logistics (24h)

Module 1: Economical and development issues: policies, stakeholders and tools

  • Introductory Seminar (12h)
  • Introductory Seminar (12h)
  • Gouvernance for NGOs, associations and enterprises (12h)
  • Introduction to Social and Solidarity Economy (18h)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (12h)
  • Economics of Sustainable Development (22h)
  • Problem Solving (24h)

Module 2: Entrepreneurship 

  • Business Game (24h)
  • Financial Evaluation (12h)
  • Legal Aspects (18h)
  • Best Practices (24h)
  • Building a Business Plan (18h)

Module 3: Project Management

  • Project Identification and Initiation (24h)
  • Sustainable Economics Development TD (24h)
  • Study Trip (24h)

Module 4: Tools and Methods 

  • Cross-Cultural Management (18h)
  • Creative and Public Speaking (12h)
  • Market Study (12h)
  • English (24h)
  • Research Methodology (14h)


Admission requirements (graduate, master, other/ experience etc.)

Year 1:

  • Applicants must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in any field related to economics and management
  • Passing the entrance test. 

Entrance test:

  • Every year in September;
  • Topics tested: English, analytical skills, and general knowledge in management, business and economics.
  • Download the Test records from previous years here (CLICK HERE).


  • Students who have followed and successfully completed the first year of the master’s degree program are directly accepted in year 2.
  • Students wishing to integrate the program directly in the second year must prove that they have successfully completed a first year of a master’s in any field relating to economics and management. They must also have an interview with the program director.

Language(s) and requirements

  • The master’s degree program is fully taught in English.
  • Students must demonstrate a very good command, both oral and written, of English.
  • The most common language tests (TOEFL, DELF…) are accepted.

Class schedule

  • Duration of program: 2 years
  • Semester 1 from October to March
  • Semester 2 from April to September
  • Evening class on weekdays (from 6 pm to 9 pm)

Tuitions Fees

  • 1600$/year in one installment or 1700$/year in two installments (850$/semester)


  • Deadline for Application: September 1st
  • Admission Interview: September
  • Entry Exam: September
  • Beginning of Classes: October

The vision of this program is to aim at strengthening capacities of student to launch a business or to lead a project within an organization and to advance to the top management positions. This degree provides a regional and international career path for our graduates. The program leads to management positions or to positions of project manager, research manager or consultant in several sectors of activity such as:

  • Public stakeholders involved in local development operations;
  • Stakeholders of the social and solidarity economy (NGO, businesses, cooperatives, cultural associations);
  • Institutions funding or supporting business creators, initiators of associative projects and carrying out activities;
  • NGOs, international associations, institutions and foundations working in the design, support and implementation of development projects, environmental programs or humanitarian actions.

Mr. Laurent MESMANN

  • Advisor to the Rector in charge of the double degrees at RULE
  • [email protected]
  • +855 68 98 98 18


  • Deputy Head of Project
  • French Cooperation Department in Economics and Management
  • [email protected]
  • +855 86 674 353

Ms. THENG Chanthy

  • Academic Coordinator
  • French Cooperation Department in Economics and Management
  • [email protected]
  • +855 86 805 226

Ms. SOK Marineth

  • Administrative Coordinator
  • French Cooperation Department in Economics and Management
  • [email protected]
  • +855 96 905 39 88 (Telegram)