RULE International dual degree programs have several objectives that we cannot reach alone.

  1. Enable Excellence: Groundbreaking programs have defined us for decades. To reach that international recognition, we relied on historical partners from Europe and we continue to expand our network in Europe and abroad (Oxford and Montreal in 2020).
  2. Empower minds: we aim to attract raw talents and deep thinking students, regardless of background or bank account – and ensure that their experience with us is unsurpassed in Cambodia. Liaising with key players in Cambodia is a guarantee for the future.
  3. Enhance our environment and enrich human lives in Cambodia. The world needs answers to injustice, may it comes from economic inequality or insufficient rule of Law. Our programs aim to enable our students to be the guardians of a brilliant future for Cambodia.

Thanks to our partners, may they be from the academic, private or institutional side, we hope to be significant actors in progress and to provide our students with the knowledge, skills, and strong ethics.