The Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE) is a public higher education institution founded in 1949. RULE today has four faculties: law, economics and management, public administration and economics – informatics, which host over 18,000 students.

Since 1994, the French Cooperation Pole at RULE has proposed a wide-range of high quality, dual degree international educational programs in Cambodia, in English, French and Khmer languages, at both the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, and available in the domains of legal studies and in economics and management. The original offer of these programs has continuously expanded throughout the years, thanks in large part to the galaxy of international academic partnerships the Pole has successfully constituted, as the spearhead of RULE’s efforts of internationalization.

The dual degree nature of these international programs involves the award of two diplomas upon graduation, one from the partner university in Western Europe, the other from RULE, providing our Cambodian and international students with access to a valuable diploma recognized globally, as a complement to the national diploma. This programs’ ecosystem grants unique opportunities to ambitious students and young professionals, and this at highly competitive costs.

The faculties for these programs are international, composed overwhelmingly of academics from Western European and North American universities, as inscribed in the Pole’s mission to upskill Cambodian students and young professionals and prepare them for tomorrow’s market and institutional needs. Every year, the Pole welcomes around one hundred professorial mobilities from our partner universities to implement this mission, which results in an unparalleled educational experience in the Kingdom.

The Pole does not limit its activities to organizing a quality international education in Cambodia, but also actively partake in sending Cambodian students abroad, especially in leading French universities, through various scholarship programs and mobilities, so as to enrich their experience.

The Pole is at the service of Cambodian students and young professionals desiring the highest quality education in law, economics and management available in the Kingdom.