Our Story

Following the signing on 23rd October 1991 of the Paris Agreements, the French University alongside the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs undertook to support the Cambodian government in the difficult task of rebuilding its higher education system. As such, Lumière Lyon 2 University was one of the first French universities to participate in the reintroduction of law and economics teachings at the Cambodian University.

From 1992, the educational programs were reformed in order to adapt them to the new orientations of the country, and high-level Cambodian teachers were trained through internships in France and with the help of missions on the spot to supervise these new university programs. This dynamic is materialized at RULE by the creation of the French cooperation department that offers a training program in partnership with the Lumière Lyon 2 University. The French cooperation department offers Cambodian students the opportunity to follow a French degree course in French in the fields of law, economics and management. At the end of the training, students have the chance to receive two diplomas, one from the French partner university, namely Lumière Lyon 2 University, and one from RULE.

During the 2000s, the French cooperation department has continued its development by opening, thanks to the support of its French and foreign university partners, master-level trainings in law and in economics and management. The French cooperation department’s training offer, from bachelor’s to master’s degrees, remains exclusively made up of double-diplomas, a unique feature in Cambodia and a real guarantee of quality. The French cooperation department in law, economics and management, has been training young Cambodians for more than 25 years who fully contribute to the socio-economic development of their country. Quality education and selection based on skills and motivation are the two ingredients that help establish the reputation of our training in Cambodia and that give graduates the opportunity to occupy positions of high responsibility in public administrations, within private companies or with international organizations.