Marking and Grade Equivalence

Dual degree programs administered under RULE Dual Degree Department apply a marking system in conformity with the European framework to ensure the reciprocal, convention-based validation of credits at RULE and within all its partner institutions in the European Union. As a matter of transparency and for information purposes, the system of equivalence is found in the table below:

GradingEquivalenceCorresponding Honours
18 – 20/20A+Highest Honours/Summa Cum Laude
17 – 17.99/20AHighest Honours/Summa Cum Laude
16 – 16.99/20A-Highest Honours/Summa Cum Laude
15 – 15.99/20B+High Honours/Magna Cum Laude
14 – 14.99/20BHigh Honours/Magna Cum Laude
13 – 13.99/20B-Cum Laude
12 – 12.99/20C+With Honours
11 – 11.99/20CPass
10 – 10.99/20C-Pass
0 – 9.99 /20FFailure