Master in Land Law and Real Estate (from Cambodia and France)

About the training

Created in 2006, the Khmer and French Master’s Degree aims to provide training for land and real estate professionals in the public and private sectors in Cambodia. The academic team is made up of Cambodian and French experts, academics or real estate professionals (notary, lawyer, architect, manager) enabling high-level technical training on land and buildings, with a view to sustainable development. The diploma evolves according to the needs of Cambodia. So at the start of the 2020 academic year, future professionals will be supported on two new subjects: affordable housing and real estate planning.

About the French university

The University of Lyon (Jean Moulin) is a university in the humanities and social sciences in the heart of Lyon, a city classified as World Heritage by Unesco and the second city in France. Basing access to higher education on equal opportunities is a constant concern for this institution, which affirms its conviction that diversity and specificities are a wealth and that each of us is also defined by its differences. With more than 29,000 students including nearly 6,000 international students of 122 nationalities welcomed every year and numerous partnerships around the world, the University is characterized:

  • by its desire to internationalize by promoting student and teaching mobility and by developing lasting partnerships with foreign universities for this purpose;
  • by a training offer in Law, Political science and international relations, Management, Accounting, Philosophy, Languages, Letters, History, Geography and Planning, Information and Communication, with Bachelors, Masters and PhDs within six faculties and institutes, built with a strong commitment to socio-economic circles, contributing to the success of students and their professional integration, in particular by promoting internships, work-study programs and entrepreneurship;
  • through multidisciplinary and innovative research. With 19 research units certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the University focuses its action on 8 major themes of our societies in transition: Urban issues, Environment and society, Global health, Entrepreneurship and innovation, Intercultural and internationalization, Memory and heritage, Religion and secularism, Digital in SHS.

Master 1 – Course/hours

  • Research Methodology and Legal Terminology (15h)
  • Private and Public Law of Property (45h)
  • Private and Public Law of Contracts (30h)
  • Land Registration and Land Advertisement (30h)
  • Land Conflicts (30h)
  • Construction Law (30h)
  • Urbanism Law (15h)
  • Introduction to affordable housing (15h)
  • Foreign Investments and Real Estate (30h)
  • Real Estate Financing and Legal Securities (30h)
  • Real Estate Taxation (15h)
  • Real Estate Insurance Law (15h)

Master 2 – Course/hours

  • Civil and Commercial Leases (45h)
  • Management of Collective Properties (45h)
  • Real Estate Sale (45h)
  • Sustainable Development and Land Management (30h)
  • Environmental Law (15h)
  • Tourism and Territories (30)
  • Patrimonial Family Law (15)
  • Methodology of Research Report (15h)
  • Legal Terminology (advanced)(30h)
  • Report-Research Thesis
  • Thesis Defense

Admission requirements

To be admitted to the double master’s degree in land law, and Real Estate issued by the Royal University of Law and Economic Sciences of Phnom Penh and the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, the candidate must meet the following conditions:

  • hold a law degree or equivalent diploma or justify four years of activity in the field of heritage or real estate;
  • have been preselected on the basis of a legal culture test on the law of obligations and constitutional law and, if necessary, an interview before a jury composed of at least one representative of Lyon 3 and a representative of RULE.

Entrance test:

  • In October
  • 3 topics: Constitutional Law, Law of Obligation and general knowledge
  • Download the Test records from previous years Click here.

Language(s) and requirements

The courses in this program are given in Khmer language. A translation into Khmer is made available to students for lessons given by French teachers.

  • Students can write the thesis report in the language of their choice with the consent of their thesis director

Competencies acquired

The holder of the Master in Land Law, and Real Estate:

  • master the techniques of legal reasoning and the techniques of legal methodology, techniques for drafting a legal act,
  • masters the field of land and real estate, in its legal and fiscal dimension and as such
  • advises clients on legal issues in land and real estate rights;
    • advises clients on the taxation linked to a real estate transaction
    • writes various legal acts used in the field of land and real estate
    • performs transactions
    • manages litigation
  • is capable of managing a building (rental, condominium, insurance, etc.)
  • is able to set up the financial package for the acquisition of a building or a property complex
  • understands the environment of land and real estate in a perspective of sustainable development.

Registration and Tuition Fees

  • Registration Fees: 20USD to be paid while submitting the application form
  • Tuition Fees: 1400USD/Year


  • Applications deadline: 31st October 2024
  • Admission results : contact Program Coordinator : [email protected]
  • Telephone: +855 93 737 887 (Smart/Telegram)
  • Start of the Academic Year : (To be confirmed later)

The courses offered allow students to quickly prepare to get jobs within the different specialties offered by the land and real estate professions, including:

  • senior manager in the field of real estate in various fields such as: property administration, promotion-construction, insurance, banking, commercial real estate, public sector …
  • lawyer specialized in real estate law in a law firm or lawyer specialized in real estate law after obtaining the required examinations (Bar Exam)
  • lawyer specialized in real estate law in a notarial or notary office after having satisfied the regulatory framework of the profession (Notary: Royal Academy of Judicial Professions)

Mrs OEURN Sambo (KH/FR/EN)

  • Title: Administrative Coordinator
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Telephone: +855 69 990 197 (smart) / +855 99 35 38 99 (cellcard)

Mr HENG Pagna (EN/KH)

  • Title: Program Coordinator
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Telephone: +855 93​ 737 887 (Smart/Telegram)