Research Collaboration on de-dollarization and financial inclusion : RULE – UGA – Lyon 2 – Sciences Po Lyon

Dr. Jean-François Ponsot of the University of Grenoble Alpes (UGA) and Triangle, a research center in social sciences, together with Pr Jerome Blanc from Sciences Po Lyon, recently completed a successful mission to the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE) in Cambodia. The mission was funded by the French Embassy in Cambodia and IDEX-UGA program and aimed to strengthen research collaboration between RULE, UGA and Sciences Po Lyon on the topic of de-dollarization and financial inclusion in emerging and developing countries.

Key Activities:

  • Meetings with partners: M. Laurent MESMANN, Head of Project at the French Cooperation Department, Pr. Jerome BLANC (Professor in the Dual Degree Master’s Program on Project Management and Social Economics Solidarity) and Pr. Jean-François Ponsot met with representatives from the National Bank of Cambodia, from the Council of Ministers, and from SEVEA to discuss the research program and define the agenda for future collaboration.
  • Presentations and workshops: Pr. Blanc and Pr Ponsot gave a presentation at the National Bank of Cambodia on the topic of dollarization and de-dollarization, and led a workshop on de-dollarization, financial inclusion, and financing the transition.
  • Meetings with government officials: The research team met with the Vice-Governors of the National Bank of Cambodia, the Center for Banking Studies, as well as representatives from the Council of Minister’s Office.


The mission was highly successful in achieving its objectives. Strong research collaborations were established between UGA, Sciences Po Lyon with RULE and Lyon 2. It identified several promising areas for future research. The workshop on de-dollarization and financial inclusion was well-received by participants, and generated valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities for de-dollarization in Cambodia.


The mission has laid the foundation for a strong and productive research collaboration between RULE and UGA. The research program on de-dollarization and financial inclusion has the potential to make a significant contribution to the development of evidence-based policies for promoting financial inclusion and economic development in Cambodia.