Pr. Laurent Sermet – Conference on Cambodian Constitutional Law and International Law – March 24th 2023

On March 24th 2023, Pr. Laurent Sermet, public law professor at Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence and Regional director of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), conducted a conference on the theme of Cambodian Constitutional Law and International Law for the students enrolled in the dual French Bachelor’s of law program at RULE, and an audience composed of French lawyers and members of the AUF network. Were noticeably present at the conference: -Mr. Pierre Vincent, counselor for cooperation and cultural action at the French Embassy in Cambodia, -Pr. Thomas Vallée, advisor for scientific and academic cooperation at the French Embassy in Cambodia, -Mr. Laurent Mesmann, special advisor to the Rector of RULE, -Mr. Paul Mornet, director of the dual master’s programs in law at RULE, -Mr. Kravong Im and Mr. Kuong Sok from the AUF. Pr. Sermet gave a detailed analysis of the 1993 Cambodian Constitution, including its Khmer identity and singularities before to address the problems involved in the dualist relation between Cambodian Constitutional law and international law. The event attracted over 60 participants, as a testimony of the demand for specialized interventions on legal issues in French language. RULE extends its gratitude to all those involved in the preparation of the conference, including the AUF network.

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