Khun Vichet

Hello! My name is Vichet, originated from Kratie province. After finishing High school, I decided to pursue my bachelor’s degree in law, at Royal University of Law and Economics. During my second year, I took an examination and was able to enter into ” La Filière Spéciale de Droit – ថ្នាក់ពិសេសនីតិសាស្ត្រភាសាបារាំង”,  organized by the French Cooperation Department. By the end of 2017, I had the opportunity to apply for a scholarship from the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship program. During that period of time, the French Cooperation Department has provided me as well as other students a lot of help, be it with the opening or the deadline of the scholarship, the procedure to be respected or the necessary contacts with French university. 

Obtaining the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship and studying in France has always been a dream of mine. I found it to be a really great opportunity to get better both at my normal social life and the academic one. It is a great thing to be able to travel, to go out and meet new people, to experience new cultures, and as a student to try a new different education system. Personally, it is an invaluable experience and what I consider worth fighting for.