Bonika CHAN

Graduating from the French School in Seoul, I always wanted to study law. However, it was difficult for me to choose whether I want to study French law or Cambodian law. This dual degree program, was the answer to all my hesitation.  It allows students to study both French law and Cambodian law at the same time, with qualified and reputed professors. Therefore, students get the advantage of expanding their knowledge. I have to admit, that throughout this program, you have to put a lot of efforts. However, I never regret putting all my efforts into this, because the harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it and it will all be worth it in the end. Alongside those challenges, you’ll meet great classmates, who you will sooner call family.

After three years in this dual degree program, with the French government scholarship, I got the opportunity to pursue my Master degree in international public law in France. My passion for traveling pushes me to study international law, a law who is applied on a global scale and a legal system like no other, where different legal system come altogether.  Beside strengthening skills and knowledge, studying abroad is all about appreciating new cultures and understanding the world.

If you want to improve your professional skills and have the opportunity to study abroad, this program is made for you.