RULE welcomes NBC Governor and French Embassy for a workshop on de-dollarization

On June 17th 2024, RULE launched the research project PHC Tonlé Sap with the hybrid workshop “The Riel Deal: A Roadmap for Re-rielization”, co-organized with PACTE Laboratory (France).

Congratulations to the four guest speakers who provided in-depth analysis of the Cambodian monetary situation, each offering different yet highly complementary perspectives.

➡ H.E. Dr. Serey Chea shared valuable insights on the progress of the riel within Cambodia’s transitioning and digitalizing economy.
➡ Dr. Daiju Aiba presented his research on Cambodian domestic capital flow and the disparities between dollar and riel movements.
➡ Prof. Amélie Artis uncovered the connections between the community, the financial ecosystem, and financial inclusion/exclusion.
➡ Prof. Jérôme Blanc developed and applied his monetary plurality framework to Cambodia from 1954 to the present day.

We express our sincere gratitude to all the online and on-site participants who actively contributed to this workshop as well as Dr SANN Vathana (Secretary of State, MoEYS), Dr TRAN Thi Anh-Dao (French Embassy in Cambodia) and Pr. Jean-François PONSOT (UGA- PACTE) for their opening remarks.