THENG Menghoung

I am Menghoung. I come from Prey Veng province. Throughout my high school years, I harbored a deep passion  for economics, nurtured by a burning desire to pursue a master’s degree in France and explore different corners  of the world. With unwavering determination, I applied to study Development Economics at RULE after  completing high school. 

My goal was clear: to delve deeper into the intricacies of economics, both in theory and practice and to develop  into a seasoned professional in this field. Upon completing the foundation year at RULE, I committed myself  wholeheartedly to attaining a higher-quality education in economics. Through hard work and dedication, I  successfully passed the exam that granted me enrollment into the international program, which allowed me  to obtain dual degrees which is one from Lumière Lyon 2 University and another one from Royal University of  Law and Economics; and all courses were taught in English. This provided me with a valuable opportunity to  expand my knowledge and skills under the guidance of exceptional professors, both Cambodian and foreign. 

The year 2022 became a significant milestone in my journey, as my relentless efforts were rewarded with the  prestigious French Government Scholarship. This remarkable achievement opened the doors for me to pursue  my master’s degree in France, a profound opportunity for which I am immensely grateful. I eagerly look forward  to continuing my educational journey, making meaningful contributions to the field of economics in my  country. 

I extend heartfelt gratitude to my parents, professors, and friends who have supported me along this  remarkable path. With enthusiasm and optimism, I embrace the future, eager to create a positive impact and  explore new horizons in the captivating realm of economics.