Get Green with Our Sustainable Dual Master’s Degree!

Our popular Dual Master’s Degree program with Lumiere Lyon 2 University is getting an eco-friendly makeover! The new title reflects its focus: Entrepreneurship and Project Management Towards Sustainability. This program, initially rooted in economics and management, offers students the opportunity to specialize in areas like social entrepreneurship, sustainable regional development, and the governance of social enterprises.

Our goal? To equip Cambodian executives and managers with the knowledge to drive sustainable and self-reliant development.

Ms. Seyha IN, pictured on the left at the Rosewood Phnom Penh’s hydroponic garden, perfectly exemplifies the program’s emphasis on sustainability

Ms. Seyha IN: A Shining Example of Sustainability in Action

A 2017 graduate in Chemical Engineering and Food Technology from the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, Ms. Seyha IN joined the RULE Master’s program in October 2021 while working as a Hygiene Supervisor at Rosewood.

The program requires a first-year Professional Report where students showcase their analytical skills by assessing their organizations and services. This report goes beyond academic evaluation, prompting students to identify specific challenges and propose practical solutions.

Ms. Seyha IN, leveraging the program’s knowledge and skills, focused her report on “Operation and Resolving Challenges in Rosewood Phnom Penh.” She didn’t stop there. Impressed by her work, she submitted the report to her management team, resulting in a well-deserved promotion to Assistant Manager of Hygiene and Sustainability.

Ms. Seyha IN graduated in 2023 with a stellar average of 16/20. Today, she continues to make a difference at Rosewood, spearheading various sustainability initiatives:

  • Hydroponic garden
  • Glass bottle recycling
  • Composting
  • Upcycling bedsheets and towels into sleeping bags (partnering with social enterprises that empower people with disabilities)
  • Sourcing fruits and vegetables directly from local farmers

She also leverages the network she built during the Master’s program to collaborate with local organizations students encounter on the annual Study Trip (learn more here: This collaboration led to Rosewood’s recent order of 400kg of rice from the Ratanak Pulrath Samaki Agricultural Cooperative, with more partnerships likely in the future.

Study Trip 2022-2023. Visit of Ratanak Pulrath Samaki Agricultural Cooperative and Seyha’s promotion of the Master EPM

Ms. Seyha IN embodies the next generation of Cambodian leaders who are committed to integrating sustainability across all sectors of the Cambodian workforce.

Ready to join them? Admissions are now open for the Dual Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Project Management Towards Sustainability. Apply online today!