Emeritus Professor Norbert ROULAND to Give Conference on Legal Anthropology in France and China at RULE on November 18th

On Friday, November 18th, from 2 to 4 pm., at RULE Hall G, emeritus professor Norbert ROULAND will give a conference entirely in French language dedicated to legal anthropology for Cambodian French speaking law students, although the conference will be public. In the first half of the conference, Pr. ROULAND will discuss French legal anthropology, especially the limits of this particular field of study and its methodology, the French anthropologists and their analysis of modernity and legal sociology. In the second part, Pr. ROULAND will address his most acclaimed book, ”Legal Anthropology”, published by Stanford University Press in 2000, as well as his latest book dedicated to an analysis of Chinese society using the tools of legal anthropology. More precisely, the discussion will focus on Chinese renowned anthropologists Fei Xiatong and Wang Ming Ming as well as the Moso, an ethnic minority from Yunnan province. Norbert ROULAND is an emeritus law professor at the Faculty of Law of Aix en Provence and a member of the French Academic Institute. He holds three PhDs in Legal History, Political Sciences and Legal Anthropology. He is also an expert associated with the International Working Group on Indigenous Peoples and has published two dozens of books and over 120 peer reviewed articles translated in several languages.