Eiffel Excellence Scholarship 2021-2022: 6 laureates from RULE!

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship is a program funded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs which sees every year the best foreign students from all around the world competing to get a fully-funded scholarship to pursue their studies in a master’s degree program or in a PhD program in France. This year, 6 students from RULE have been selected for this scholarship. What an outstanding result which places RULE as the number one higher education institution in Cambodia in terms of Eiffel Excellence Scholarship awardees.

It is also a tremendous recognition of the work done by French Cooperation Department at RULE because all of the 6 awardees students are currently enrolled in this department. Indeed, 4 of them are currently in the 4th year of the bachelor’s dual-degree in Law with Lyon 2 University (France) and the 2 others are following the 4th year of the bachelor’s dual-degree in Economics and Management with Lyon 2 University (France) as well. This rewards the everyday commitment and dedication of the French Cooperation Department to strive for the excellence in offering high-quality programs to Cambodian students.

However, we must not forget that all credit goes to the 6 awardees. Therefore, we would like to extend our sincere congratulations to the following students, laureates of the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship 2021-2022:

From the dual-degree in Law:

Mr CHHUN Karona for a Master’s degree in Private law (specialization in contract law), Lyon 2 University

Mrs YIN Komotkunthea for a Master’s degree in Law and management of the human resources in the public administrations, Lyon 2 University

Mrs KEU Socheata for a Master’s degree in Social law (specialization in international mobility of workers), Lyon 2 University

Mrs MOK Sokraksmey for a Master’s degree in Social Law (specialization in human resources), Nantes University

From the dual-degree in Economics and Management:

Mr HAK Sodavann for a Master’s degree in Economic analysis and policy, Lyon 2 University

Mr ROM Punloeuvivorth for a Master’s degree in Econometrics and statistics, Nantes University

We wish all the best to these 6 students for their master’s degree studies in France. We are sure that it will lead them toward a bright and promising future. 

For more information about the possibility to enroll in a dual Bachelor’s Program in Economics and Management or Law, please contact:

Management and Economics: Mrs SOK Marineth: 096 905 3988 / [email protected]

Law: Mrs OEURN Sambo: 069 990 197 / 099 35 38 99 / [email protected]


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