The program is so interesting and it’s a great experience of joining it. Firstly, we have high experienced professors from France and the highly-qualified Cambodian Professors who graduated from abroad. Secondly, the class environment is comfortable with the air-conditioners and the suitable number of students. Thirdly, the courses focus on two main majors at the same time with a close relation: Economics and Business Management. This provides us the capacities to work in both the public and private institutions.

In addition to the great quality of education, throughout 3 years attached to each other, we, the classmates, become a family. We challenge ourselves through the strict and hard tasks. We share the love, the happiness and also the sadness. We stay together from morning till evening, do homework together, lunch together, etc. Furthermore, once we join the program, we join the big Eco Family with our juniors and seniors who are working in various private and public organizations or running their own business. Besides the hard time during the academic year, we have many happy events like Juniors Day, Christmas party, Football Matches, Annual trip, etc.

I found the real strength of myself and had an amazing life with this international program. You will not regret to be part of this program.