Welcome to the incoming students enrolled in economics and management programs

The French Cooperation Department in Economics and Management of the Royal University of Law and Economics would like to express its congratulations to the candidates who successfully passed the entrance exams to enroll in our bachelor’s degree program and master’s degree program.

We are very proud to welcome 28 incoming students to the 2d year of our international bachelor’s degree program in economics and management – a dual degree with Lumière Lyon 2 University. We are also delighted to enroll 80 incoming students in our master’s degree program – year 1. 50 of them will follow the Entrepreneurship and Project Management specialization – a dual degree with Lumière Lyon 2 University – when the 30 left will study Risk Management in Insurance, Banking and Finance specialization – a dual degree with Nantes University.

Despite a high level of uncertainty and a substantial socio-economic insecurity brought by the Covid19 pandemic in the country, we are glad to see that our programs remain attractive and keep the public trust. We will do our best to respond to this positive signal by meeting the highest education standards possible.

You will find hereafter the admission lists for our bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs

For more information, we invite you to visit our website: https://ddprule.org/dual-degrees-in-economics/ or to call Mrs. Marineth SOK (096 905 39 88).