When Lou Gerstner, former CEO of IBM, wrote his book “who says elephants can’t dance ? Inside IBM’s historic turnaround”, it was the starting point of a new era called “e-business”. And most if not all companies are now moving the same way. The concepts are well-known: flexibility, global reach, resilience, user-orientation. The question is: how do you make it happen on a daily basis ? This conference given by Olivier Sirven, who is himself driving global re-engineering programs within IBM, and directing the E-Business Master of Lille-1 University, France, will detail the tools, methods and processes needed to implement and run this strategy in an organization. Focus is set on project/program management, as the cornerstone of this work. Other chapters like team management, risk management, cross-cultural management, will be discussed. Conference goals and objectives At the end of this conference, you should have in hands some elements that will help you setting-up and managing the right organisation to run a flexible e-business. This conference is an extract of a 30 hours University course. Conference topics From globalization to program management Globalization and flexible e-business Implementing the flexible structure Program / Project management Managing in programs and projects mode of operations Managing risks along project life Managing teams efficiently throughout the organization People are the asset Get the best of international teams Communicate, communicate, communicate ! Thursday, November 19, (8H00-9H30) : ENTRANCE FREE