Scholarships to study in France !

We support our best students for the Eiffel Scholarship Program 2021!

Campus France, the institution in charge of student mobility in France, has launched the call for application for the Eiffel Scholarship Program 2021. Eiffel Scholarship Program provides the most outstanding students worldwide with a 12 or 24 months support that includes a monthly allowance, transportation and assistance to settle in France in order to do a master’s degree program. French higher education institutions must select their candidates and submit an application to Campus France by the 8th January 2021.

French Cooperation at RULE has a long tradition with Eiffel Scholarship. Indeed, we see every year up to 5 students leaving to France to do a master’s degree program with an Eiffel Scholarship. Selected students can study in English-based or French-based programs in France.

This shows that our Bachelor’s dual degree programs with Lyon 2 University, both in Law and in Economics and Management, are of excellent quality. This very good record also reveals the everyday commitment of teachers, administrative and managing staffs to transmit knowledge and competences to students and to prepare them to continue their study journey abroad.   

This year again, the managing team of the French Cooperation at RULE, has pre-selected the ten best students from the law program and from the economics and management program to apply for the Eiffel Scholarship. The selection comes with personal tutoring from our management team that enables pre-selected students to receive the best guidance and advice to define the master’s degree program and the university in France they would like to join. Then, French Cooperation teams will be fully dedicated to ease the application of its students to French Universities. To do so, we can also count on the goodwill of our long lasting partners, Lyon 2 and Lyon 3 Universities, Paris 2 University or Nantes University, which have been used to welcome Eiffel Scholarship awardees coming from RULE for a long time.

We hope this year again our efforts to make the French Cooperation at RULE shines on the international stage will pay and we cross fingers to see always more of our students leaving to France with the Eiffel Scholarship.

At the same time, we pay close attention to other scholarships programs (Erasmus+ programmes, Scholarships from Korea, Sweden etc) so that each deserving student find an opportunity to study in the country of its dreams.

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