RULE Hosts a Green Job Fair on December 13th

On December 13th, RULE hosted a Green Job Fair throughout the day with the ambition to connect employers evolving on the green economy with our 18,000 students, thus inspiring them to choose careers in line with the Royal Government’s objectives of sustainability.

Indeed, RULE is deeply committed to instill green skills and sets of competences supportive of the green transition within our students at all levels of their under-graduate and graduate education, and the Green Job Fair is yet another piece of this strategic long-term orientation.

RULE is convinced that competences in high demand in the decades to come will be affiliated to sustainability and green segments of the economy, and that value creation in the green transition will require students to be equipped with particular sets of skills.

In order to prepare our students to meet these new demands, the Dual Degree Department at RULE ( has initiated a greening of its curricula and syllabi, integrating environmental perspectives to its programs at all levels. For instance, courses in Environmental Law, Business and Sustainability, Sustainable Project Management, Economics of Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Finance are now generalized across various programs in law and economics. Additionally, world class professors specializing on these subjects have been invited at RULE to conduct seminars and partake in capacity building training for academics and students.

This green job fair comes to terminate a four year long project : GREENCAP Project, co-funded by the European Union, which objective was to have a long-lasting impact on the Cambodian high education towards the realization of the SDGs.

This year, the Green Job Fair provided an opportunity for 13 stakeholders of the green economy to showcase their products and services and attempt to recruit our most talented students, either for internships or a first contract. The stakeholders partaking in the job fair were:

  1. Voltra, a company manufacturing and selling electric vehicles;

2. King Scooter, a company selling electric scooters;

3. SEC Solar, a company specializing in solar panels;

4. Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Cambodia, a German think tank organizing the Waster Summit every year in Cambodia and having publications and fellowships on sustainability;

5. Khmer Green Charcoal, a company specializing in clean energy solutions;

6. SU Drain, a company specializing in sustainable drainage;

7. the Center for Sustainable Water, a think tank specializing in capacity building on the management of water resources;

8. B2G Engineering, a company specializing in water treatment solutions;

9. Sevea and their Climate Fresk, a consultancy group providing expert advices on sustainability;

10. Eurocham and their Responsible Business Hub, which guides factories in their transition towards compliance with EU sustainable standards;

11. EGE Cambodia, an engineering company providing solar panels and clean energy solutions;

12. AMK MFI, a micro-finance institution specializing in green finance;

13. Asia Data Destruction, a specialist in electronic equipment renovation and recycling.

RULE would like to express its gratitude to all those involved and who made the Green Job Fair a success.