Our Organization

The French cooperation department of RULE is an entity of both the faculty of law and the faculty of economics and management. The French cooperation department has two components which occupy different premises within RULE campus but which operate according to the same model and under the authority of a single Head of Project, Mr. Laurent Mesmann.

The law component of the French cooperation department is on the second floor of Building A.

The managing team of the law component is made up of:

  • Head of Project: Mr Laurent MESMANN
  • Administrative coordinator: Mrs OEURN Sambo
  • Program Coordinator: Mrs LIU Xinwei (Master’s Programs in English)

The economics and management component of the French cooperation department is located on the first floor of building D.

The managing team of the economics-management component is made of:

  • Deputy Head of Project: Mr Paul Angles
  • Operations coordinator: Dr. SRUN Sopheak
  • Administrative coordinator: Mrs SOK Marineth
  • Computer scientist: Mr LY Khyhov

The two Departments also have the support of an IT team made up of Mr. LY Khyhov.