International Double Degrees in Khmer Language

The Faculty of Law at RULE has been developing for more than ten years a unique double degree in Khmer Language with the university of Lyon (France: university Jean Moulin Lyon 3) on Land and Real Estate Law.
This dual degree has been elaborated with the support of the French Embassy but also, for Cambodia, thanks to the close cooperation with the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Ministry of Land Management as well as the Phnom Penh City Hall, the Bar Association of Cambodia and the Royal Academy of Judicial Professions.

This degree focusing on Land law and Real Estate focuses on the big issues which surround these areas such as Inheritance, Land Registration, Sustainable Development, etc. This Degree provides a high-standard education fully in Khmer Language supported by a team comprising foreign visiting professors (who will be assisted for their class with bilingual lawyers) and local professors now at the forehead of Cambodian public and private sectors (Secretary of States, Head of the Security Exchange Commission, Directors of Law firms). This program delivers two degrees, a Cambodian degree and the degree of an international university. This is a unique chance in Cambodia to get a European degree that will become a strong asset for your professional career in a very dynamic field (Real Estate, Cultural Heritage, Land).