International Double Degrees in French Language

The French Cooperation Department of RULE has been fully committed for decades to promote the French language by offering double degree programs in French. RULE remains the only higher education institution in Cambodia offering a bachelor’s degree in Law fully taught in French. Moreover, this bachelor’s degree program leads to graduate two diploma, bachelor’s degree diploma from RULE and from Lumière Lyon 2 University (France). In addition, the bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management delivered also by Lumière Lyon 2 University (France) and taught in English offers to French speaking students the opportunity to follow some courses in French. We are also proud to offer a master’s degree in “International Business Law” in French with the internationally renowned university Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas. Studying in French is the gateway toward France. Every year, the best students get scholarships to pursue their studies in a master’s degree or a PhD in France. French command alongside a background in economics or in law will be always seen as a valuable asset by the labor market. Thus, it strengthens significantly the professional opportunities you may get from international companies in Cambodia.

Mr. Thorng Tedya Reksmey successfully completed his doctoral degree.