Mrs. LY Raneath is a Notary Public, an Attorney-at-Law and a member of Legal and Judicial Council of the Ministry of Justice. Before founding N & P Notary Public of the Kingdom of Cambodia and N & P Law Office, with her 10 years of experience in legal advisory, she has advised on banking legal and regulatory compliance issues, bilateral facilities, loan syndications, banking and acquisition and project financings. She also has considerable experience, having advised clients on commercial, real estate, family and inheritance related matters. On top of that, she received a training at Notary Office Les Notaires du Quai Voltaire in Paris, France where she built extensive experience in legal practice in connection with family and inheritance law. She is also a part-time academic lecturer at the Royal University of Law and Economic Science since 2010.

Mrs. Ly holds a Notary Public Professional Certificate from Royal School of Notary, Royal Academy for Judicial Professions, a Master Degree in Real Estate and Patrimony Law from University Jean Moulin-Lyon 3, Lyon, France, and a Bachelor Degree in Private Law from University Lumière-Lyon2, Lyon, France.

Course: Commercial Leases