Yves Perraudeau, retired, is currently a visiting lecturer-researcher at several universities in Southeast Asia. After obtaining his Ph.D. in Economics Sciences at Paris 1-Sorbonne in 1986, he worked mainly at the University of Nantes for around thirty years, but also with numerous teaching experiences abroad (Algeria, Vietnam, Egypt, Djibouti, Cambodia, …), and international academic or research missions (Scientific Committee for Maritime Affairs of the European Union Commission, ASEAN, Iran, Lebanon, …). His teaching focuses on macroeconomics and economic thought and on his research themes of maritime economy (fishing-aquaculture and maritime transport) and more recently geopolitics (country risk). Beyond the traditional tasks of teacher-researcher, he had many “university administrative” responsibilities: Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, Director of the IUP “Finance Bank Insurance and Maritime Logistics”, Advisor to 2 presidents of the University of Nantes for cooperation with Southeast Asia, Dean of the Institute of Economics and Management-IAE of Nantes… The end of his career was a secondment to the Embassy of France in Cambodia, where he was Advisor to the Cambodian Minister of Education, Youth and Sports for 5 years.

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I have been teaching at RULE since the creation of the Master Banking Finance Insurance, when I was Dean of the Institute of Economics and Management IAE of Nantes, during the time of Rector Yuok Ngoy and J-J Paul, the respective predecessors of H.E. Luy Channa and Laurent Mesmann.

I teach at the Master level in the training dedicated to Banking, Finance and Insurance, now called “Risk management in Insurance, Banking and Finance”. Having been one of the founders of this training, I continued to teach when I joined the team of the French Embassy in Cambodia (end of 2014 – end of 2019), as Advisor to the Cambodian Minister of Education, Youth and Sports … himself a RULE Alumni. This allowed me without any problem to teach in this cooperation program with the University of Nantes during my work at the Cambodian Ministry of Education.

I teach two subjects at RULE: methodology for writing dissertations and research (with Pr. Thomas Vallée) which includes monitoring dissertations and oral defenses. I also teach the “Risk-country, geopolitical approach” course, the acuity of which today no longer needs to be demonstrated given, in particular, the tensions in the Indo-Pacific region and the war in Ukraine. The business model can collapse if elements outside the “Porter forces” are not taken into account…

Teaching internationally, in an educational cooperation program, means integrating the differences in contextual situations while maintaining the academic rigor that we know in European universities. Cambodian (or even Southeast Asian) students have a great ability to adapt and it is pleasant to teach in front of such an audience. At RULE, its cooperation with many French universities (Lyon, Paris, Nantes, etc.) facilitates immediate and global understanding between the partners, all facilitated by the remarkable managerial skills of Laurent Mesmann.

As everywhere, students must be curious and ask questions, often simple but very useful, in order to progress in the search for knowledge and real understanding of the environment: a business executive must be technically efficient on his heart sectoral business, but also monitor what is happening “around” (on the technological and geopolitical level) whose impacts can quickly and significantly change the situation and the strategies to be operated.