Mr. Ny Lyhoung has 16 years of extensive professional experience in General Insurance, Microinsurance and Life Insurance covering area of operation, underwriting, business and product development, strategic planning and marketing. He is currently a Chief Operating Officer at Forte Life Assurance (Cambodia) Plc. He is among first few people in Cambodia who developed Microinsurance, Agriculture/Crop Insurance and Comprehensive Employee Benefit Insurance for Cambodian Market.

Lyhoung has been teaching since 2014 in private and public universities. Lyhoung starts lecturing Principles of Insurance, Risk Management and Financial Management for Master Degree Program at Royal University of Law and Economy since 2019. Lyhoung is a qualifier trainer of Training of Trainer Program of Malaysian Insurance Institute for Cambodia, and he has served as a member of Education Committee of Insurance Association of Cambodia (IAC) where he contributed to develop some insurance regulation, guideline and Prakas. Lyhoung has been conducting lots of trainings and presentations on insurance, risk management and financial management to university students and the public.

Lyhoung holds a Master Degree of Business in Finance from Charles Sturt University, Australia. He also a member of Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) of UK, Malaysian Institute of Insurance (MII) of Malaysia and Life Office Management Association (LOMA) of USA and holding Advance Diploma in Insurance (ACII), Associateship of the Malaysian Insurance Institute (AMII) and Associate, Life Management Institute (ALMI). Throughout his career, he has been attending numerous trainings and workshops in Cambodia and overseas.

  • What have been your journey leading you to RULE? 

I think it started when RULE Introduced the Master Degree in Insurance and started working with Insurance Association of Cambodia for some sharing and it was mentioning that RULE needs Insurance Professional who has good experience for the master class. That is the reason I was introduced.

  • Can you describe how the course(s) you teach are relevant in the current context? 

It is very relevant as insurance is part of financial service and it is a very fast-growing industry in Cambodia even though insurance industry is considered very young in Cambodia comparing to the other countries in the region. This fast-growing industry can be seen by number of insurance companies in market and how quick the grow in number of Cambodian policyholders.  

  • Can you tell us about your experience as a teacher for an international program in Cambodia? 

I think it is a very good experience for me and for the students. I can share my practical experience from what I am working on daily basis and let the students know exactly how the theory or what is written in the book links to real world at work. To students it is beneficial as teacher do not just teach from what is in the book. With real life example and scenario, the students can easily understand the concept and how it really applies.

  • What do you like the most in teaching at RULE? 

I have a good mix of students from different study backgrounds and from different industries where students and I can share and challenges each other especially those thing or issues that happens at workplace.

  • Do you have any recommendations for future students and graduates? 

International programs will allow students to expose more to different teachers by utilizing teacher vase experience in teaching and working. It definitely adds values both academically and practically to students.  Therefore, the program is recommended.