I was born in Phnom Penh some time ago, and I was fortunate enough to grow up in France, and later to move to Canada, where I spent the greatest part of my professional life.

A CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Charter holder (CFA Institute, USA), I have worked for twenty five years as a Financial Analyst and Financial Adviser for various Canadian financial institutions.

Besides being a CFA Charter holder, I hold numerous degrees, notably a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics, and the title of Canadian Investment Manager.

Since 2014, I decided to live a great part of every year in Cambodia, where I lecture at RULE and enjoy it very much.

I especially enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with Cambodian students, and it is a wonderful feeling when you realize that you are useful by helping the next generation of Cambodians.

My history at RULE

I have taught various classes in Finance and Mathematics. They are: Introduction to Risk Theory, Credit Risk Analysis, Market Economy and Finance, Introduction to Quantitative Methods, Business Statistics, and Financial Evaluation.

Since 2018, I only teach the last three courses. They are all at the Graduate Level (Master)

What I bring to those three courses is a solid introduction in Financial Mathematics and Statistics. Of note, I especially like to teach the topic of Portfolio Management in the course Financial Evaluation. All topics necessary to a good understanding of the economic realm in which we live.

One of my goals, and I am working on it every year, is to have my students think critically, and independently. 

We are getting there!